Press Clips


Meet Vivek Maddala / Voyage LA (April 2019)

Talking Emmys / BMI (April 2018)

Post Perspective (April 2017)

Comic Book 101 (Feb 2017)

Encyclotronic (Feb 2017)

AI Creative Media (February 2017)

Vents Magazine (Feb 2017)

Mix Magazine Feature Article (June 2015)

Cakewalk/Gibson Artist Profile on Vivek Maddala, 06/2015

Interview with Vivek Maddala on Classical Classroom, Dec. 2014

2014 HMMA Red Carpet Interview: Vivek Maddala

Vivek Maddala And The Challenge Of Music Composition Interview with Vivek Maddala

Interview: Catching Up With Vivek Maddala / Topanga Messenger

2013 Film Music Media Interview: Vivek Maddala

Composers Corner: A Chat w/ Vivek Maddala

NPR Interview with Vivek Maddala—(22 May 2005)

Cannes 2010: Interview Vivek Maddala—Cinezik Magaine

Silent Films Tempt Soundtrack Composer—IndiaWest

Interview with Vivek Maddala—BreakThru Radio (13 September 2010)

Review of the WILD ORANGES Score—Film Music Magazine

Review of THE PATSY Score—Film Music Magazine

Comments on THE PATSY Score—

Comments on THE PATSY Score—National Film Preservation Foundation

Excerpt from "The Patsy" Review—San Francisco Examiner



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