THE PATSY Music Score Comments

by Jeffrey M. Anderson (
Excerpt from "The Patsy" Review / San Francisco Examiner, June 9, 2004

"This truly delightful film has now been re-issued with a brand new score by Vivek Maddala, a superb young composer who has already contributed music to the Greta Garbo film Mysterious Lady (1928) and the Lon Chaney film The Ace of Hearts (1921). I had the unique privilege of seeing the film on the big screen and hearing the score through a perfect sound system. It's a lively, airy score that sweeps the film up and carries it along. It even provides the occasional "sound effect" -- enhancing a running gag about a doorbell -- without getting too cutesy. The film premiered July 11 on Turner Classic Movies and will hopefully receive a DVD release sometime soon."



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